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Living Estate of Nelson Tyl
June 13 – 15, 2019
8:00 – 5:30 Daily
Need someone to handle an Estate for you?
We understand how difficult an Estate sale can be on the family. Change is hard but blessings always follow the fire. We do it all for you. If we can take the burden of an Estate sale from you please allow us that service and know your trust is well placed. Let us hear from you if we can help.
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My name is Marilyn and my company conducts Estate Sales. Whether your estate is large or small, Majestic Estate Sales can help. I mix friendliness and honesty with sharp business and sales savvy. This is a strategy that has served my customers well over the years. I put my expertise and knowledge to work for you as I arrange, price, and market your estate liquidation.
Most importantly, I respect the fact that the emotional value of an estate can be priceless. That's why I dedicate myself totally to each and every sale. I bring my 17 years of successful experience in this industry to insure you receive the most financial value for your treasures. I can also guide you in other ways of liquidating your estate if an on-site liquidation is not a possibility.
You want someone to make your liquidation successful? You want someone who will treat you and your estate with respect, honesty, and responsibility? Call me and I will come out and meet with you to discuss your estate.
Our last sale was a BLOW OUT!
Thank You so much!
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